Mokka Main Gunting

“Sometimes we’re trapped in our own thoughts. We think that they couldn’t do it when actually they could 🥺”

Nadia Sarah Widyatami

This is what my best friend said after she see pictures of my kid playing with a scissor.

Not long ago, I just asked her if she already let her kid using scissor, because my kid always wanted to use scissor but I can’t stand the uneasy feeling watching him tried to cut paper with his own tiny fingers.

After many many times I refuse to give it when my kid asked for a scissor, yesterday he accidentally found his nail clipper, and played with it quietly while i was focused on my phone, working. I just realized why my kid isn’t making any sounds, and when I checked, he already cuts the edges of this board storage on our room, nicely 🥺. He nailed it. And he’s fine, i mean, the nail clipper doesn’t give him wound or something. Nothing I’m afraid about comes true.

I know this baby nail clipper maybe designed really safe for baby, but still, that’s worked for cut board, so there isn’t guarantee that this nail clipper won’t hurt my kid. He just know how to handle it.

Children are smarter than we think. Never underestimate them. They observe us. They already know what to do. All we need to do is trust them, and be there for them when they need us.

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