My Another Milestones: Makeupin Model Bioderma

Dear (@)andarunitrina ‘s follower on the Instagram story, do you think I only play with my analog camera and scrolling webtoon all the time?

Definitely not.

If I do, I will never get such a great experience yesterday (not literally yesterday tho).



Really, you are definitely can choose wherever you wanted to be. You can freely choose your path, and your ride to get there as well.

For me, right now, I choose to be on this “level” of a makeup artist. MUA that does not only do arts in client’s face but also actively create content to support my another hobby.

To be that kind of makeup artist, every day I think which way I should go, then I walk it. Sometimes I need to run or step on pebbles, but its okay, I will go through it. To be that kind of makeup artist, I also need a support system, I need a ride, and I choose Hello Beauty to give me a ride.

And I choose wisely.

Dengan izin Allah, yesterday (that not literally yesterday) HB choose me to be one of their MUA who helps Bioderma’s photo session. I am so proud and grateful as well.

Bioderma is a skincare brand, a huge skincare brand I would say. Their everywhere, around the world. And of course, their products are really good. I personally love the pink micellar water (who doesn’t?) and I also use their moisturizer to taking care of my client’s skin. No, it’s not an article about skin care so let’s get back to the topic.

Really, being a part of the photo session team is so exciting for me. I love photography, but I still an amateur, and I learn a lot from the team. Yesterday (that you know it is not literally yesterday) I am beyond happy to experience how I achieve the very natural look as requested, how I do the model’s hair, and how great the stylish, photographer and Bioderma team do their collaboration to get the best image. I experience such a nice behind the scene moment with them. Great team, cool yet humble people in such an industry.


Oh God, it feels like I am still dreaming about it! haha. Remahan roti like me wanted to work in that kind of industry, hanging out with hits models and photographer, such a nice dream to thinking about. I don’t think I’ll fit in, but God, I love it! I really love it. So maybe it is not “mimpi jadi nyata” yet, instead it is just a start.

For me, right now, I choose to be on this “level” of a makeup artist. MUA that not standby to retouch pengantin into the reception look, instead I prefer standby to retouch model for the next scene in their photo session. Yap, I just create another goal so I will think about how I get there, a lot, from now on.

Oh ya, and how can I be the part of this Bioderma photo session team? I try. Many times I tried when HB share collaboration job with brand or media. I failed? Ya many many times, no matter how fast I contact the PIC, I still not get the job. But this time, Alhamdulillah dengan izin Allah, I easily passed the selection.

One thing I regret about that time is I did not do my best yet because of my lack of knowledge about beauty shoot kind of makeup. I only do my natural makeup look as requested, but I think that is not enough. I realize it after hours of watching beauty shoot video makeup tutorial. I really wish I will get another chance to do things like that in the future so I can do my best.

Seriously, you are definitely can choose wherever you wanted to be. You can freely choose your path, and your ride to get there as well. But you need to make an effort first. You need to think, and then you need to do what you think, make it happen. Go chase your goal. It will not easy, but it sure will wort it.


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