Most Magical Book Series from a Genius Indonesian Writer: Supernova

Start from fresh with my beloved husband in our tiny-little-kost-heaven place, we tried to make our life more productive by reading more book. A minimum-five-minute-reading-time per day project. My first choice goes to kinda motivation book from Japanese writer. That time I need really really extra effort to keep read till I finally gave it up.  Then I choose one of fiction series from an Indonesian writer (a genius one indeed). And I always finished the books in a flash!


Kesatria, Putri, & Bintang Jatuh

The first book is Kesatria, Putri & Bintang Jatuh. At first, I found that the title is so cheesy so I didn’t have any expectation and just tried to read it. I think that is a kind of drama romance fiction genre. But then, in this Supernova series,  even at the very first book, she (Dee Lestari) amaze me with a drama story that I never read in another novel before. I don’t want to spoil it, you should definitely read it yourself. In my amateur opinion, she builds strong character for one of each person that makes me super easy to imagine, make them move, watch their drama movie in my own mind. She geniusly blends the incepstories well. What? Incepstories? you know, she makes story inside a story, I think. That is so amazing for me. What a genius of her.



The second book is Akar. This is the first magical fiction book of the series. From the main character, I learned so much about another religion culture. The main character is so strong even I barely remember the original title of the book and more called it with “Bodhi” which is name of the main character. This book brings me travel around Bangkok and Kamboja to see their awesome story.



The third is Petir. This is the story about the one who loves to watch petir around the rain. This book is also as magical as Bodhi. I remember it as Elektra, who has a boring life that changes in a flash like petir when she finally knows what is her passion after meeting her significant person. Again, Teteh Dee gives me knowledge about another religion perspective which is so great because that will makes an open minded Muslim who lives in mostly Muslim people in a multi-culture and multi-religion country richer.


The fourth is Partikel. This is the thickest book so far. This book brings me to meet Orang Utan and have an awesome journey in Kalimantan. This story about every partikel of Zarah’s life somewhat heartbreaking yet awesome as well. I personally really enjoy the reading time because it feels so real, and it tells much about photography things too, which is my husband’s current muse.

I have not finished Partikel yet, but I can’t resist telling the world what I feel about this Supernova. And I should soon buy the next book because I will finish Zarah’s story by today.


Last but not least, Supernova is a magical yet genius thing for you to put in your to read list. I love it much, and hail to Dee Lestari!


  1. Karyanya Des Lestari emang gak perlu diragukan lagi ya, meskipun aku belum pernah baca karyanya. Tapi setelah baca ini, jadi tergambar gimana luar biasanya isi bukunya.


  2. What beautiful novels you have. I love to read novel too. Remember Supernova became a film? What a cool character they’ve made.


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